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Case Studies

Lafayette Consolidated Government

Objective: To upgrade our city’s dated logo with a new graphic that instills pride and reflects our leadership position and progressive attitude.

Solution: Right Angle undertook an extensive research effort with the intent to discover what the city of Lafayette means to its citizens. With participants ranging from dignitaries to residents and across age and cultural boundaries, our team conducted approximately 80 interviews. We identified symbols to avoid as well as consistent wording about who we are.

Results: We translated the voice of the people into a mark that inspires a patriotic feeling toward our city. Businesses, homes, and parades have embraced the logo on our new flag and proudly display it alongside the state and American flags. The mark was also recognized with an international design award – proving that the world can appreciate our innovation with an accent.

The Regional Medical Center of Acadiana

Objective: To position this acute care facility as a leader in heart care while announcing its new accreditation as a chest pain center.

Solution: Right Angle designed a strategy for RMC as the “first and only” Level III Chest Pain Center in Acadiana with outdoor advertising, newspaper advertising, direct marketing, and a press conference.

Results: A competing hospital recognized the advantage and quickly pursued similar accreditation, but RMC maintained the position as first. More important, patient intake at the hospital increased throughout the campaign’s run and beyond.


Objective: To introduce the TrapBag Barrier System, an innovative alternative to sand bags, to government officials in flood-prone areas.

Solution: Right Angle launched a campaign that sought local and regional news coverage on area flood preparation and prevention using TrapBag. We initiated media contact with follow-up phone calls to news directors and producers.

Results: Nearly two miles of product were ordered over the course of three months as a result of a two-minute news package on Baton Rouge television. FEMA officials are now considering the product as a result of this public relations effort.

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