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If you look up the term Marketing, you will come across volumes of Websites from a variety of experts, all with their own spin on the topic. Back in college, it was used as an umbrella term defined in textbooks by the "4Ps" (product, price, place and promotion).

Things have changed a lot over the years, as evidenced by the way we look up a definition. Twenty-five years ago, who could have guessed that a device like an iPhone or Blackberry would have more computing power than the most powerful super computer of the day. And that sites like Wikipedia would be taking the place of the hardbound dictionary.

The way we approach marketing has changed, too. Technology has seen to that. The volume of messages we are exposed to on a daily basis is astronomical. Customers no longer accept being spoken TO. They want to interact and have conversations WITH. Our culture has changed too — from a culture of needs to a culture of wants.

Seth Godin, the self-described Agent of Change says that there is a fifth "P" — your "Purple Cow."

Mathematicians will tell you the nature of a right angle is to evolve into a complete circle. Likewise, you can't just look at the advertising you undertake as "marketing." It is only one component. You have to take into account the full 360-degree view.

We are Right Angle; we are experts at developing marketing plans that come full circle.

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