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If you want to be successful at fishing, you have to fish where and when the fish are biting, and you have to know what they are going to bite on. Seems obvious doesn’t it?

We’ve heard business owners time and time again say that they have tried (circle one: radio, TV, newspaper, etc.) and it didn’t work.

But did you say the RIGHT thing to the RIGHT audience at the RIGHT time with the RIGHT amount of frequency? Running a commercial for richer, creamier, double Dutch chocolate ice cream on the health and fitness channel during the dead of winter might get a few people’s attention, but it probably won’t do anything to boost sales. Come to think of it … you don’t see commercials for SNUGGIES during the summer either, do you?

Since we are talking about it, there should probably be a reference in there about using a fishing hook with a barb on it, too. That would be the call to action statement. (How else are you going to set the hook?)

If any one of these components is off, you are not going to get the results you are counting on.

Every medium has its own set of strengths and weaknesses, and its own audience. What works for one industry may fail miserably for another. Right Angle is more than an advertising agency. Our capabilities run 360 degrees — and we know what works.

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