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NOVEMBER Newsletter - A Brand New Dimension
Here at Right Angle, we're celebrating our first quarter century by announcing our new way of doing business, and you’re among the first to hear about it.

We find ourselves in a time of accelerated growth. Even though we keep our team lean, we offer more depth than we ever have before. Every single member of our staff is cross-disciplined in areas that benefit our overall scope of marketing and advertising. With our ever-expanding perspective of client needs, it’s only natural that we would forge new frontiers of branding and marketing – and that’s exactly what we’re pleased to announce today.

For years, advertising firms have dealt with marketing from a two-dimensional mindset. Marketing materials and advertising spaces existed only on verbal and visual planes. Now, Right Angle has developed a new approach to marketing that reaches businesses and their customers on “touch” and “feel” levels. We’ve added environmental and cultural components to our service offerings – literally taking the process from 2D to 3D. We call this Dimensional Branding, and it’s a spherical approach to the way the customer experiences the brand in an environmental sense (e.g. office space and points of contact) and a cultural sense (e.g. personnel and customer service). With Dimensional Branding and our new structure of exciting, innovative service offerings, we can help our clients identify new opportunities to increase market share and strengthen customer loyalty.
To our partners across the past two and a half decades, we thank you for your continued support and trust. To our newest friends and collaborators, we hope this is the start of a wonderful, bountiful relationship. See you in the next dimension.
General Fabricators
In 2010, industry veteran Morris Hankins took over management duties for a small, bankrupt company called General Fabricators. In two short years, his team transformed the formerly modest and struggling company into a forward-moving organization of innovators – completing projects along the Gulf Coast, in the Gulf of Mexico, and as far as Offshore Africa. Now, the local leader in "first-time" and "never-done-before" projects wants their customers to know they may have kept the name, but they’re an entirely different company.

Right Angle saw this as a public relations opportunity for General Fabricators. We designed a campaign around the “reintroduction” of the General Fabricators name as a new brand. Under the headline, “Don’t Know Us Yet? You Will,” we established General Fabricators as a stable, thriving force in fabrication.
In the coming months, The Regional Medical Center of Acadiana will unveil a groundbreaking addition to its facility without breaking any ground. Regional will soon become home to The Heart Institute at The Regional Medical Center of Acadiana, a third-floor conversion at the hospital’s Ambassador Caffery and West Congress location. The Heart Institute will feature a Hybrid OR and the latest in cardiovascular technology.

Right Angle is working with Regional to develop a brand identity, public relations support, and a launch campaign for The Heart Institute. Our hearts are fully invested in helping Regional bring the future of cardiovascular care to Lafayette.
Right Angle's Zombie Boogers
A few weeks ago, the Lafayette Science Museum hosted Zombie Walk 2012, a promotional event for their annual Museum of Fear. The inaugural Zombie Walk was a thrilling success with a staggering number of participants and spectators.

Right Angle staffers were also on hand to distribute our own, homemade “Zombie Boogers” (green caramel popcorn) to the throngs of walking dead. We couldn’t have picked a better snack.


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