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New Business Division, Expansion

Cheryl Taylor Bowie, president of Right Angle, a local branding, marketing, advertising and public relations firm, recently announced a New Business Development Division for the 23-year old company to assist new business ventures. Additionally, Right Angle announced expanded Internet marketing capabilities for all its clients.
"Throughout our history, and particularly in the last several years, Right Angle has been a sought-after source for professional help with the naming of new businesses, preparation of strategic plans for funding, and related marketing and branding issues. Those topics are even more important today," Taylor Bowie explained, "because of social media and the limitations of available domain names on the Web. Starting a new business today requires more creativity than ever."
Assisting clients with name changes, creation of sister companies, and new business ventures have become a mainstay of Right Angle, according to Taylor Bowie, a recipient of the Acadiana Advertising Federation's Silver Medal award and a marketing and advertising veteran of 30 years.
In addition, Right Angle has expanded its Internet marketing applications including search engine optimization and marketing, pay-per-click options, and social media copy writing and content development.
Right Angle holds numerous awards for branding of clients in the categories of logo design, identity development, direct marketing, public relations, and many others.
"We've recently expanded our capabilities and resources in Web development and social media applications and have forged new alliances with trademark, copyright, and patent attorneys and research and development specialists," she added.
Right Angle, founded in 1987, is a creative full-service agency specializing in branding, marketing, advertising, and public relations for all areas of media including print, television, radio, direct mail, Web design and social media.
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