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Doing Local Good

This holiday season, we’re trading our Adobe files for aprons and cooking up our favorite holiday dishes with a local spin. With a little help from Santa’s elves and a heavy hand on the seasonings, we’ve compiled a list of 6 recipes that will take you from the cookies you leave out for Santa to your after-dinner drinks.

Acadiana is home to a variety of makers, thinkers, dreamers, designers, chefs, and doers whose contributions refine and preserve our culture and quality of life. These local items are made by community members like Rêve Coffee Roasters’ Nathanael Johnson and Christopher Pickle, who not only kick-start our mornings but also provide a space for community events and gatherings.

When you shop locally, your dollars go further. By keeping your money close to home, you help your neighbors, friends, and even family pursue their dreams, support the community, and better meet consumers’ needs. Local artisans also understand the unique needs of our community. Products like Basin Blend give us the flavor and spice that’s quintessential to any self-respecting Cajun dish but with organic ingredients and no MSG.

With that in mind, Right Angle decided to do some local good this year by spreading holiday cheer a little closer to home.

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