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How to Pull Off the Event of the Year

While it may not feel like it – yes, we’re looking at you, 70° winter – Carnival season is here, which means spring isn’t far beyond. So, just like ours, your calendar is filling up with parades, parties, and fundraisers, among other things. If you’re anything like the Right Angle team, not only are you attending these events but you might even be putting on one or two yourself.

It’s easy to underestimate all the work that goes into pulling off a great event. There’s much more than just picking out centerpieces and organizing catering. It requires planning, purpose, and publicity. Here’s why that trifecta works:


Lists, lists, lists. Oh, and did we mention making lists? Organization and attention to detail are your best friends when it comes to executing a large-scale event. When you are dealing with everything from permits to venue selection, it’s important to find a system for tackling tasks and stick to it.


The venue’s booked, the décor is ordered, and the weather’s supposed to be perfect – but how are you getting people in the door? Along with making sure your event comes together, you simultaneously have to work on selling tickets and filling seats. Press outreach, social media, and marketing are crucial to getting your event in front of potential guests.


This might seem like an odd fit for our list, but it’s arguably the most important aspect of event execution. Before looking at any other areas of planning, ask yourself:

1. Why is my organization putting this event on?

2. What do we hope to accomplish with this event? What is the overall goal?

Without a clear and measurable objective, your event may just cost time and effort.

Big or small, all events are serious work. If you’re having trouble with yours, it might be time to give us a call. And if you need a little inspiration, check out #AccessWithAngles on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram to see how we throw a fête.

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