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Dimensional Branding®

Plenty of agencies, freelancers and friends of friends who happen to have Photoshop offer 'branding' these days. And chances are you've come across countless speakers and articles exploring the importance of building your brand. But at Right Angle, we're so confident in our Dimensional Branding® process that we had it trademarked.    

Marketing your brand is one thing, but with Dimensional Branding® your audience gets the whole package. From your values, to the standards you set for your business, to the way you want to be perceived. Using in-depth research and well-planned strategy involving cultural and environmental components, Dimensional Branding® lets your brand become recognizable and unforgettable. 

We break Dimensional Branding® down into four different components to give our clients deliverables that work together to craft a brand that looks good from every angle. 

  1. Visual: Your logo. We create an identity system that brings all your materials together to make for a consistent brand people will notice. 
  2. Verbal: This is where your attitude lives. We form an entire mission and vision statement geared toward the kind of persona your business requires in order to gain trust and form relationships. 
  3. Environmental: Your space should reflect your brand as well. We craft outdoor signage and indoor spaces in order to enhance the consumers' experience. 
  4. Cultural: It's all about customer satisfaction and you are only as good as your staff. We design behavioral strategies to get your employees all on the same page so they can better represent YOU. 
Think of Dimensional Branding® as a spherical approach to the way consumers experience your brand. An all around, well-developed brand is easily recognizable and understood to both it's customers and it's employees. The goal is to create a balanced brand that represents who you are and what you are from every angle. 



Example of Dimensional Branding®: Tire Crew, Shreveport Louisiana








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