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If someone blindfolded you and placed you in a Walmart or Target store, when they uncovered your eyes, you’d likely know exactly where you were without ever seeing the logo. Big box retailers have done a good job of environmental branding through the deliberate use of fonts and color and by creating a particular feeling or style — all designed to appeal to a specific target audience.
But what about companies in the B2B world? Where do you greet your customers? Do those spaces accurately convey your brand? Perhaps you simply shared your logo with a professional interior designer and let her “run with it,” or maybe your office manager decorated your lobby and conference room. The disconnect that occurs when a client meets you in an environment that is counter to your marketing message can mean a few steps backward in the progression toward a sale.

From the street-side view of your building, to your entrance and your lobby, is there a sense of arriving at a destination that matches the quality and mission of the company you’ve worked so hard to develop? Is the signage clear and accurate to your logo standards? Are the colors relevant? Does the look, feel, and energy of your waiting area match who your company is? Or, are you a high-tech company living in an early American world?

Taking a dimensional approach to your branding can be just as important as traditional marketing components if you want that identity to become pervasive throughout your organization. When you begin to think of marketing in the third dimension, your customers will also perceive greater depth.
Your brand’s virtual presence is how most targeted audiences – both local and abroad – discover who your company is and what it does. A quick Internet search will bring up your company, your competitors, and even things that have absolutely nothing to do with either. With its global reach, the oil and gas industry is the perfect example of that – without something to make your company's online presence stand out, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of other companies that offer some of the same products and services.

Right Angle worked with Star Measurement, a gas and liquid measurement company, to design a website that not only is informative and useful, but also uniquely embodies the values and personality of the company and its work.

See it for yourself at www.star-measurement.com; we think it definitely has an environmental impact.
Sometimes environmental branding takes place in the world outside of your business, too! The Acadiana Affiliate of Susan G. Komen Race fundraising event supports the fight against breast cancer, and Right Angle is helping the foundation by designing collateral and campaign materials that get the organization’s message – the importance of breast cancer awareness – to as many people as possible across the state.

Join the fight and spread the word by going to www.komencenla.org or www.komenacadiana.org and get involved by registering for an upcoming race (like the one in Acadiana) or donating!


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