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MAY Newsletter - Perfect Personality
Every business has a character or personality: who you are, where you've come from, and what you've done all combine to form your brand. Your logo is the visual brand of the business, and a carefully crafted verbal brand is just as important.

When we address the branding of a company (the visual, the verbal, and everything else that goes into what defines your “brand”), we often ask the owners to name an actor or character from film or literature that could represent their firm. It's a shorthand way of beginning to define your personality, and it's kind of an a-ha moment when you begin to envision your business in this new way.

Once clarified ("We're Tom Selleck" or "We're Julianne Moore"), we can then establish a tone, an attitude, or a cadence of speech that helps your customers sense this personality coming through. This kind of branding also helps create stronger connections or deeper loyalties with customers. It's especially critical in social media venues, where the author of a blog needs to sound both human and representative of the brand.

Who's the character that represents your company? Call us. We'd love to help you round out your brand's personality, too.
Cajun Heartland State Fair
While plenty of personality comes every year with the Cajun Heartland State Fair, we here at Right Angle think that you can never really have too much of a good thing. That became our objective when designing the poster; we wanted to create something that gets families (and especially kids) excited about the fair as if it were the first time they were experiencing it.

This year, we attempted to create a cool personality that embodies the state fair, its mood, and the area it’s located in. With all of that considered, we designed an alligator eating a frozen treat. His excited grin and “Go, Go. Fun, Fun” shirt show that he’s ready for the excitement coming at the end of May. Keep an eye out for him as the fair gets closer – he’ll be showing up all over town!

Dean Joby John at UL's B.I Moody III School of Business knew what he was doing when he created the new Executive Master in Business Administration (EMBA) program. Designed to give area managers and executives an alternative to travelling I-10 to attain an MBA, this program brings senior leaders together for fast-paced experiential learning. The every-other-weekend classes have turned into extraordinary sessions for bonding among peers from diverse industries.

Rare is the person who brings verbal (a degree in English with a minor in Communication) and visual (illustration, design, video production) talent all into one character. We're lucky to have that combo in Blake Lagneaux – recently named Creative Director here at Right Angle. Blake leads the creative team in big-picture ways that benefit all of our clients. His background in marketing on the client side of things only adds to that personality. Look out! He's lighting creative fires, and we think you'll love him as much as we do.

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