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JANUARY NEWSLETTER - The Right Direction
As every parent understands, naming a baby isn’t a split-second decision. Just like an expecting mom or dad, business owners face the same challenge when it comes to naming their product or their company.
We see this on a regular basis: business owners looking for new beginnings or strategic rebranding. They’re ready to put their business plans into action and forge new paths. But they need solid identities first. Maybe they’ve snatched up a domain name or scribbled down some ideas in their bedside notebooks, but they need unique brand names. Most of these people need professional guidance.
As insiders, we understand that naming a new business is a creative and logistical challenge. There’s the strategic process of identifying the client’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and a position direction: What makes them so special? Why would a business or consumer audience want to connect with them?
Next comes the creative pressure cooker of ideas, followed by concept availability confirmation: checking with the Secretary of State’s Office and US Patent and Trademark Office. Then, there’s the issue of ensuring that there’s an appropriate, available domain and other web-based platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). It’s all about making the name bulletproof. The creativity of the name is only as good as its availability.
It’s no surprise that pre-Internet brand development was less of a challenge. But that only means that business owners need a little guidance when it comes to selecting names for their babies.
Coccolare CoolSculpting
Coccolare Spa physician Dr. Cynthia A. Glass recently announced that her practice will now focus on select rejuvenation and enhancement services.
Among the new line of breast enhancement, body contouring, and face/skin rejuvenation services, Glass is offering CoolSculpting, an FDA-cleared, non-surgical weight loss procedure. The equipment kills the fat cells underneath the skin, literally freezing them to the point of elimination.
To help Dr. Glass promote the revolutionary service, Right Angle produced a video that showed the procedure in use on an actual client. The video was posted on Coccolare Spa’s YouTube channel and used to help potential candidates understand how CoolSculpting could work for them.
Old School Marketing Materials
We at Right Angle recently noticed a trend — some clients want conventional marketing materials. From three-ring binders to newspaper ads, some businesses are reaching their audience with traditional tools of the trade. As the world of social media closes in around us, some companies are keeping in touch with their audience by way of old-school marketing systems.
Why? Because printed materials and 3D marketing materials are viable, and best of all, trusted. Handling print media sparks a different kind of feeling than an email. It doesn’t mean that electronic techniques are less effective — they just work better for a different kind of client and audience.
Whether the brand collateral is old school or new school, it is important that it speaks to customers in their own language.
Right Angle's Amanda Poehler
When you get right down to it, Amanda Poehler just might be the Zen force of the Right Angle creative team. As an Art Director, Amanda brings an elevated sense of reason to what we create for our clients on a daily basis. She designs with purpose, always questioning the sensibility of what we’re creating. This is because Amanda believes that there is a place for everything and that everything belongs in its place — bringing the organized sagacity that complements some of Right Angle’s more hyperactive minds. Amanda is an office treasure because she keeps our creative staff grounded. Plus, her design aesthetic is just as sophisticated as her palette for Lebanese cooking.

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