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DECEMBER Newsletter - Come Together
The holidays can bring people together — and so can a well-planned brand.

Customers develop loyalty based on their view of who you are. But it’s up to you to develop your company's personality from the inside out. Without a conscious strategy for building an image and keeping it together, your brand will be totally out of your control.

Right Angle’s new spherical approach to the customer/brand relationship is called Dimensional Branding — a process that puts the brand back in your hands. Here are some key guidelines for Dimensional Branding:

  1. Become the customer. Channel his/her feelings, attitudes, and reactions to his/her experience in your space or other points of contact.
  2. Keep it personal. Develop a voice that is clearly your brand. That one voice should be used in everything. It should be ubiquitous and consistent.
  3. Keep it inventive. Surprise the customer with peeks behind the curtain. Help him/her to fall in love with your style, your approach, and your passion.
Branding must be pervasive from the point of contact to the point of sale to the point of delivery. Each of those is a spatial relationship in which customers and clients can respond to: what they see, what you say, what they touch, and how your brand personality makes them feel. It becomes your vibe.

You can’t put “better vibes” on your Christmas list, but you can make it your New Year's resolution to plan a better brand. And we can help you.

Van Eaton & Romero merges with Latter & Blum
Leading Acadiana real estate firm, Van Eaton & Romero announced last week that they had created a merger agreement with New Orleans-based Latter & Blum Inc. — bringing together two of the region’s leading real estate brands. This partnership increases the size and geographic area of coverage of the Latter & Blum family of companies, improving its rank nationally to the 34th largest in the United States.

Right Angle assisted Van Eaton & Romero by developing educational materials for agents and handling public relations for the announcement on December 12, 2012 at City Club at River Ranch. We helped assure Van Eaton & Romero agents and staff that Van Eaton & Romero will keep its name and branding, which will now include a line describing it as “A Latter & Blum Company.”

With the added benefits of Latter & Blum’s technological, managerial, and strategic support, Van Eaton & Romero is now part of the largest real estate brokerage in the Gulf South.
For the past few years, the Acadiana Symphony Orchestra & Conservatory of Music has operated under a mark that has served them well. But the logo did not position the organization as the unique entity that it is. The Acadiana Symphony Orchestra (ASO) needed an identity that speaks to its progressive attitude and leadership position among symphonies nationwide.

Charged with developing a new brand, we moved toward designing something passionate and inspirational instead of literal. We created a logo that evokes the musical experience. It symbolizes an explosion of sound, but it’s so much more than that. The progression reflects the listening experience, and the segmented pieces represent individuals coming together to make one unit — like a symphony.

On Thursday, December 13, 2012, ASO unveiled the new logo at its Louisiana Christmas Concert to energetic and enthusiastic reception.
Pro-T unveils new logo at Christmas party
Located in Broussard, Louisiana, Pro-T designs and engineers custom filtration systems for the petroleum industry.

Recently, Pro-T rebranded with a new logo and visual identity, and Right Angle assisted with the internal and external reveals. First, we designed a direct mail piece targeted toward clients and customers. But before the card could be mailed to clients, Pro-T owner Ricky Parvino wanted to show the new logo to the Pro-T team at the company's Christmas party.

Using the new mark’s colors, Right Angle teased the logo in the Christmas party invitation. On the day of the event, we decorated the venue with blues and silvers, and hung a covered banner that would be exposed during Ricky’s speech that night. For us, the whole experience was an exercise in environmental branding, ensuring that the message reaches the receiver on a “touch” level. For Ricky and the Pro-T family, it was all about a team moving in new direction together.
Silver Bell Soiree
The Silver Bell Soiree started in 1997 as a small event hosted by Gachassin Law Firm to recognize volunteers of Lafayette Community Health Care Clinic. Over the next few years, the event grew, until finally in 2005, fund-raising patrons of the Clinic formed the Silver Bell Foundation.

This year marked the fifteenth anniversary of the Silver Bell Soiree, a milestone that merits significant recognition. Right Angle designed publicity materials for the event using a crystal theme, a nod to the traditional gift for a fifteenth anniversary. With a geometric pattern and an icy color palette, we created a cohesive system for the landmark celebration.


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