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The future that we’ve been expecting is here: commercials without constraints and TV without the tether. Want proof? Take the Summer 2012 Olympics. Most of us watched the games from our couches, but many of us watched from wherever we were standing. That’s because, for 17 days, we had the ability to watch all 302 competitions of all 32 Olympic sports (on demand and in real time) from our smart phones.

In week two of Olympic programming, NBC reported that around eight million users had signed up for its live video-streaming service, and that there had been over seven million downloads of the network's Olympic mobile apps. In nearly two weeks, NBC streamed close to 103 million videos over its digital platforms, 45 million of which were live video streams. At the London Olympics halfway mark, NBC had already streamed 8.7 million hours of live digital content, all of which contained advertising.

Where on-the-go Olympics patrons would’ve been considered a “missed opportunity” by advertisers in the past, virtually all of these viewers can be reached today. Advertisers are adapting to the mobile opportunities that live in our pockets and purses. We live in a world where being away from a TV no longer means missing the show. With the advancement of mobile networks and streaming capabilities, our phone may soon replace our TV as our principal entertainment and viewing devices – presenting a golden opportunity for businesses that advertise.

Locally known as “the spa with a physician’s touch,” Coccolare Spa is a beloved Acadiana institution that provides innovative medical skincare treatment in a relaxing environment. The spa offers some of the latest and most advanced technology for improving the way you look and feel.
In fact, Coccolare houses some of the only equipment of its kind in the state and Gulf South. Recently, Coccolare discovered a new, affordable way to show its current and prospective customers how it operates by shooting a series of videos of its devices in action and developing a YouTube channel on which to showcase them. The YouTube quality videos are filmed on-location by Right Angle with an employed medical aesthetician or licensed operator performing the procedure. Visually demonstrating how each device is used has become an invaluable instrument for improving Coccolare’s online image as well as increasing patronage.
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Much of what we do involves saying something new through something recognizable. And that’s just what we did for our second annual Bastille Day celebration. As some of you may know, Bastille Day is the French national holiday of independence, which is celebrated annually on July Fourteenth. We noticed that although our area in South Louisiana is saturated with French influence and culture, no one was doing anything to observe Bastille Day.
So this year, we decided to deliver a promotional piece to our clients and friends, designed around the concept of “being revolutionary.” The project included a printed piece accompanying red, white, and blue macaroons from Poupart’s Bakery, a local confectionary. In the end, the project was well received and was even featured on HOW Blog, an international design blog. It was just another example that when you embrace revolutionary ideas, the rewards are sweet!
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Lillie Lancaster sounds like the alter ego of a super hero. And while we’re still learning about how our newest Brand Manager spends her spare time, crime fighting could easily be one of her hobbies. Lillie is a human kaleidoscope – an array of talents, passions, dreams, and stories. From her two years of visual communications study in Scotland to her five years in magazine production and nonprofit marketing, Lillie’s ongoing mission to save the world has brought her back home to Louisiana. Upon first meeting her, the Right Angle team was in unanimous consensus that we’d found the perfect person to manage and develop client identities. And as it turns out, trusting our intuition was a super move.

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