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AUGUST Newsletter - Hear For All To See
Are you struggling to find effective content for your social media? New clients often come to us for help in researching and preparing messages, but they soon realize we actually do more. Whether or not it's been addressed, every business already has a voice. At Right Angle, we help fine-tune your voice into something that will attract your target audience.

The tone, language, cadence, and other subtleties are important – and ultimately help define the personality of your brand. But, the psychology behind the selection of specific words can do wonders for moving your customers from a fence-sitting position to one of action.

Is your company’s voice educational or arrogant? Encouraging or aggressive? Male or female? Light-hearted or all business? The choice of every word can impact the way your customers feel about you and their decision (perhaps unwittingly) to do business with you. It takes a keen ear to identify the differences – whether you're writing a newspaper ad, posting a Facebook message, or recording the audio for a message on hold. Though every dimension of your brand is important, our first step is to be proactive listeners. Because when we listen to you we hear more than words: we hear your brand.
Lafayette Science Museum
If a science museum could talk, who would it sound like? Einstein? Bill Nye? Sheldon Cooper? The options are limitless, but consistently one thing — great geeks. Our inner nerds really come out at the Lafayette Science Museum and sharing that love for science makes our job easy in social media. We've helped them engage with more than 3,000 Facebook fans, often tagging neighboring businesses and employing the new hashtag feature. It's a #NoBrainer!
LEF Loudest Legs Golf Tournament
Golf tournaments are supposed to be sedate, even silent, but we're helping the Lafayette Education Foundation crank it up with their Loudest Legs contest in their annual fundraising tournament sponsored by Copy & Camera. Also known as the "Drive for Education," this year's event asks golfers to wear the tackiest, craziest, zaniest pants they can find. Watch for them on November 4. We think you'll hear them coming.
RA - Donna LeJeune
Whether you call or come by our office, the first voice you'll hear is our office manager, Donna LeJeune. Our clients know Donna as the ever-perky extrovert who has never met a stranger. (In fact, she probably knows your cousin or your next-door neighbor.) Along her career path, Donna has managed companies involved in commercial plant installations and drilling industry supplies, making her — we believe — savvier than the average ad agency office manager. In her eight years here, we've learned that Donna's talents are many, including tuning in to what customers need. It makes hers a voice everyone loves to hear.


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